Vehicle Signwriting

Let your vehicle
do the talking.

Turn up to your next job looking professional, on-brand and, most importantly, get noticed by potential customers.

- In house design team
- Professional installation team
- Competitive Pricing
How to Order
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How's it work?

Custom decals allow you turn any text, logo, or graphic into a promotional tool for your business. Get spotted on the road or parked on any job with vinyl decals that are made with premium materials – designed to stand up to weather and high speeds.

Contact us for a quote for your vehicle signwriting, including custom decals, car wraps, van wraps, sign writing, fleet livery and vehicle graphics.

1. Arrange a FREE consultation

If it’s a standard vehicle, we can use our library of scaled drawings for your design. However, if your vehicle is a little off-spec, pop down to our unit in Kidderminster to chat to the team. We’ll take photos and measurements so that our design team can mock up some design ideas.

Alternatively, send over your own measurements and photos.

2. Get a FREE quote + mockup

Send us your logo and our design team will put together a visual of how your vehicle could look.

Need a logo designed first? Our in-house design team can help with that.

3. Approve your order

After you approve your mockup and quote, you’re ready to book a slot with our production team to apply your decals.

We have late night application slots on Wednesdays or midday slots on Saturdays.

We can also come to you on-site… we’ll do our job, while you’re doing yours.

4. Order up!

Bring your vehicle to our unit so that we can install your decals, or our professional and fully insured installation team will meet you at a location of your choice.

Can't lose your work vehicle for the day?

We have late night application slots on Wednesdays or midday slots on Saturdays.

We’ll also come to you on-site… Let us do our job, while you are doing yours.

Signwriting pays for itself.

We offer a wide range of graphic options to suit your budget.

Vehicle signage is round-the-clock advertising. Since vinyl decals can last for many years, you won’t be replacing yours for quite a while. Think of this as an investment in the future of your business, rather than an indulgence or expense.

Whatever goods or services you provide, unique vehicle graphics will put you ahead of the competition and help your brand stand out.

If you compare the cost of £500 signwriting to the cost of any other advertising then there really is no comparison. A vehicle on the road gets seen by thousands of other road users every day, 365 days a year. It is even working whilst you are off the the clock.

Cars & 'Caddy Size' Vans

All sides + optional bonnet logo
  • Cut vinyl / digitally printed vinyl to all panels

Luton / Box Vans

All sides + optional bonnet logo
  • Cut vinyl / digitally printed vinyl to all panels

Promote your business and services...
some of the time!

Do you use your vehicle for business and personal? Do you consult for different businesses, and want to be able to swap out the branding on your vehicle?

Magnetic signs are the perfect solution.

Apply your graphics to magnetic sheeting first to remove from your vehicle as required.

For more information visit our Magnetic Vehicle Signs page

From design to billboard on wheels

Our in-house design team will work with you to visualise how your vehicle could look after our production team have worked their magic.

Our installation team

Our professional install team has years of experience applying flawless decals! They are available to apply decals throughout the midlands.

Want to give it a go yourself? We can supply decals on the roll or cut to size for you to apply yourself.

Types of customisation

We believe in always using high performance materials

Chat to our team who can advise on the best type of customisation for your business.

  • Very small text and fine lines
  • Gradients
  • Photos
  • Grunge / stamp effects
  • Fluorescent / neon colours
  • Metallic finishes
  • Glitter + holographic

What is printed vinyl?

Printed vinyl is exactly what it sounds like: inks are used to print a design onto clear or white vinyl. Printed vinyl is ideal for multiple colours, gradients, shading, photographs and complex illustrations. Due to the ink being on the surface of the vinyl, the colour can fade quicker than cut vinyl which has the colour throughout the material.

  • Fluorescent / Neon Colours
  • Metallic Finishes
  • Glitter + Holographic
  • Very small text and fine lines
  • Gradients
  • Photos
  • Grunge / Stamp Effects

What is Cut Vinyl?

A specialist machine follows the design using a sharp blade, which cuts out shapes and letters from pre-coloured rolls of vinyl. This gives a sharper edge to the artwork than printed graphics.

Cut vinyl decals have no background, the background that you see behind the cut vinyl design is what you install it onto, be that a bare coloured surface or pre-applied coloured vinyl.

Vinyl Specification: Cut Vinyl


We use a high performance polymeric gloss opaque vinyl in a range of 36 colours with a permanent acrylic adhesive. Rated for 5-7 year exterior application. Suited to long term exterior work and conforms to curves extremely well.

  • Minimum 5-7 year exterior life under normal exposure condition
  • Available in 36 Colours
  • Permanent Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive

10 year+ is available if required.


  • Minimum 3-5 year exterior life
  • Available in 37 Colours
  • Permanent Acrylic adhesive
  • Resistance to UV light, seawater, oils, hydrocarbons and gasoline. Flammability: self extinguishing

Black & White available in 7 and 12 year+ if required.


Printed vinyl is easier to install and will closely resemble what you think of as a “peel and stick” sticker.

Cut vinyl takes a little more time and patience to install. Multiple colours come in separate pieces which are then applied individually and might require being layered. Once installed it can appear to be hand painted.

Colour & Design

Printed vinyl can match colours from Pantone, RGB or CMYK references, and you can recreate photographic images, images with shading, or graduated designs. This means that you can create more complex designs.

Cut vinyl are cut from a limited range of pre-coloured rolls of vinyl. Detailed logos may need to be simplified for the cutter and thin lines may need thickening.

For cut vinyl decals, most designs are one solid colour. To create designs with multiple colours, different sections of coloured vinyl designs are layered together. This is a complex process and can be expensive to produce but make the finished design stand out a lot better from greater distances.


Printed vinyl is laminated to either matte or gloss.

Cut vinyl has a more of a painted effect, because the vinyl is so thin that it looks seamless. Vinyl decals do not have a background because they are cut out, meaning that their background colour will simply be the surface behind them or pre-applied vinyl.

Cut vinyl comes in metallic and neon finishes. Including brushed, chrome and glitters.


Printed vinyl is not as weather hardy as cut vinyl, and consequently is more likely to fade over time if it is in direct sunlight. However, the vinyl can be treated with laminate to protect it from these effects. However, the quality of the laminate varies between companies and poor quality laminate on top of high quality vinyl won’t help.

Cut vinyl  is more resistant to sunlight and less likely to fade than printed vinyl due to the colour being all the way through the vinyl and not just printed onto white/clear, meaning it is ideal to use for outdoor signs or on shop window displays and vehicles.


Printed vinyl is much thicker than cut vinyl and often laminated, so removal can be extremely difficult – especially after a few years of sun exposure. The vinyl becomes brittle and snaps easily as you try to peel it off.

Cut vinyl is thinner and although an edge is trickier to get started, they will continue to peel rather than snap like the printed vinyl.

Something to think about if you might be removing them yourself one day to sell your vehicle! (Though we do offer a vinyl removal service).